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Indoor Car Cover
Indoor - The Indoor cover will protect your car and prevent dust and grime from contaminating the paintwork. It will help keep your beloved vehicle in perfect condition. The material is specifically designed to be non-scratch and breathable to allow air circulation. Colour - Grey Mist
Price: £57.99
Luxury Indoor Car Cover
Luxury Indoor - This beautiful luxury indoor cover offers complete protection from dust and grime. An extremely high quality cover with a satin finish and soft fleece lining, giving it a high class look and feel. Colour - Obsidian Black
Price: £109.99
Indoor/Outdoor Car Cover
Indoor/Outdoor - Suitable for use both indoors and out, this cover will protect your car from showers, hail, dirt, dust and sunlight. It is lightweight, so can be fitted easily and quickly. The shiny silver colour helps prevent UV damage. Ideal for occasional outdoor use or storage under a carport. Colour - Chrome Silver
Price: £75.99
Diamond Outdoor Car Cover
Diamond Outdoor Waterproof - Heavy duty, waterproof winter outdoor cover. The multi-layered material will keep your car's paintwork free from dust, dirt and grime, as well as preventing damage commonly caused by exposure to the elements. Colour - Thunder Grey
Price: £139.99
Platinum Outdoor Waterproof Cover
Platinum Outdoor Waterproof - Our top of the range outdoor cover. Give your car the best possible protection with this luxury, fleece lined outdoor cover. The scientifically engineered material is extremely strong, yet soft against your car's paintwork. It is also breathable, and has heat-sealed seams to maximise waterproofing. For the ultimate in car protection from rain, wind, hail, sunlight, dirt, dust and grime then look no further! Colour - Nimbus Grey
Price: £199.99
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